Re: anthropology questions: siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Doug Kihn (
22 Dec 1996 08:07:22 GMT

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> Kihn) wrote:
>>Jesus, Mary and Joseph! These aren't even HISTORY questions. These
>>are SPAM, spam is meat, ok? Our ancestors definitely ate spam made
>>horse-flesh while crossing the Bering straits, ok?
>>This group, sci.anthropology, definitely needs some interesting
>>so we won't have to keep eating regurgitated spam.
>>Dr. Doug
>>Kids, stay with and alt.vegetarian.convert. This group
>>for scientific discussion. ok?
>My question came from; its not spam; if you have
>evidence of man eating horses in North America before Spanish
>reintroduction, then please be so kind as to direct me to it.
>your "learned" counsel is anything but "scientific discussion." ok?

I think you came in late on this thread. Several of us have been
waiting for it to die. But it seems you are injecting it with some
serious postings.

I'll take that spam back (and save it for lunch tomorrow).

Dr. Doug