Re: history questions: siberian land bridge(s)

Paul E. Pettennude (
22 Dec 1996 02:41:27 GMT

It's possible. some work going on presently will answer the question.


charles stegiel <> wrote in article
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> >Jesus, Mary and Joseph! These aren't even HISTORY questions. These
> >are SPAM, spam is meat, ok? Our ancestors definitely ate spam made of
> tHIS group, sci.anthropology, definitely needs some interesting spice,
> My question: Did man reach the New World more than 50,000 years before
> present? Man in America not only starts off with an exceptionallly
> fine type of spear point to thrust into elephant or bison, and uses
> pressure flaking far more extensively than man in the Old World; in
> addition, he develops the type of milling stone, or quern, that does
> not appear in Europe until the neolithic agricultural period.