Re: Proposal for Kook of the Month: Re: WHO/WHAT is Ed Conrad?

Dan Yertzell (
19 Dec 1996 23:23:55 GMT

Claudio De Diana <> wrote in article
> Dear Everybody,
> having read the FAQ of this group at the location
> hereafter indicated:
> --------begin quote FAQ
> 3. Can you give me a few examples?
> [...]
> The people who post demented "scientific" theories and seem
> to criticism are moderate net.kooks.
> The sort of person who constantly raves about the conspiracy
> her or him is an extreme net.kook, especially if he or she
> assumes that anyone who questions her or his world-view is an agent
> of the conspirators.
> --------end quote FAQ
> I propose the following user, i.e. (Ed Conrad)
> as Kook of the month, it seems to me that he is not a previously winner:
> ( & 96.html)
> and that there is at least another proposal for him as Kook of the Month
> psoting the article about the Great Wall of China.

Yes Ed certainly qualifies for Kook of the month. But hey, since it's year
end, and Ed has apparently been at this at *long* time, let's just go ahead
and make him Kook of the Year!

Hell, in 3 years I'm sure he will qualify for Kook of the Century!! Wait -
Kook of the Millenium!! Yeah, that's the ticket.