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>>at one time, a strong alien contact between whoever is out there and
>>humans, why has it vanished?

Well, we come to this point when many well-intentioned people
claim that the Tunguska explsion was due to Czarist nuclear weapons.
When it's broght up why Russia forgot how to create this weapon when
it would have been rather useful in WWI and II, we're enlightened to
the fact that both Nicholas II and Stalin were such humanatarians
that they thought they'd spare the Germans such misery.

Oh shit! Ed, please don't explain Tunguska to us....

"So tell me now, I'll dive as you say, breaking this silence
I will reach the other side of the lake
And see myself like Ophelia in flowers, drift away"
"The poet's turmoil strike again, as words once more they fail me,
another bomb has just supplied the cross on which to nail me"
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