Re: Marlo Morgan's Mutant Message Query

Jens-Uwe Korff (
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 11:01:14 -0800

Edward Singer wrote:
> I am using Marlo Morgan's book "Mutant Message Down Under" -- a somewhat
> (non)fictional account of the author's life changing experience with
> nomadic aboriginals in the outback of Australia. Students really like the
> book. However, the hearsay is that Morgan misrepresented the aboriginals
> and her book has been denounced by the tribal peoples. I have done web
> searches for reviews of Morgan's book but to no avail. Is there anyone
> who has heard about this controversy and could comment on it? Thanks.

I've read this book too and doubt the facts as well. It all seems like
being made up in order to convey her 'message' which is summed up on most
of the last pages (eg. 'be more environmetally friendly').
I have posted most of the questions I came about to soc.culture.australian
and hope for answers. Email me if you're interested as well.