Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Paul Ciszek (
19 Dec 1996 21:23:42 -0700

Anna <> writes:

>>> >In hot climates (like India), this unnatural habit of vegetarianISM is
>>> >easier to get away with.
>>> Well that and cows are sacred animals there.
>>Only to the Hindus. Oh, and it may have escaped your notice, but
>>humans eat other animals than cattle.

>Actually, FYI, devout Hindus are supposed to be vegatarian as are devout
>Buddists. Added to that the fact that about 70% of the world cannot

Hmmm. A lot of Americans believe that all Hindus are vegetarians, but there
are a lot of Indian restaurants run by Hindus that serve mutton and chicken.
The McDonalds in Calcutta serves muttonburgers. Are there any Hindus out
there who could set the rest of us straight on this?

>afford meat in any but very special meals and I would say that the
>majority of the world is either vegetarian or heading that way.

"Not able to afford meat, but would gladly scarf it down by the bucketful
if given the opportunity" doesn't really count as "vegetarian".

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