Re: ethnomycology

Gerold Firl (
18 Dec 1996 20:06:50 GMT

In article <>, (Kirsten Houghton) writes:
|> does anybody know of any publications about the use of fungi by
|> indigenous people (particularly Amazonian Indians) medicinal,
|> nutritional, hallucinogenic etc....any info that could lead somewhere?

You might take a look at _wizard of the upper amazon_ (don't remember
the author; if you're interested, I can look it up) which describes
the experience of a young peruvian man who was kidnapped by an
amazonian tribe around the turn of the century and trained as a
shaman. I don't believe that fungi were used to induce the
hallucinogenic trance, though it's been a while; as I recall, the
preparation was based on the ayehuasca vine, though there may have
been other ingedients as well.

The book does a good job of providing an emic view of how the
vision/trance was used to help locate game and provide a common
symbology for the group.

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