POSTER LOSES MARBLES (during an intelligent discussion with Ed Conrad)

Ed Conrad (
17 Dec 1996 11:20:18 GMT wrote to

>Ed, you're not going crazy, you're going sane in a crazy world.
>The pictures on your website are very poor. I can't see if
>there are sutures on the supposed "skulls" or anything. Also if
>those are femurs in those pictures then how come they all seem to be
>missing the neck of femur and why do they only look like rocks and
>not like the fossils we always see at regular dig sites? Do you also
>think that you can change the rate of decay of a radioactive
>substance with your mind?

>What if you are wrong, would you ever accept it?

>Stu Hobbs



Such a thought-provoking question certainly deserves a
thought-provoking answer.

Say you went to the hospital and had a CATSCAN. The next
day your doctor, shaking his head and pointing to a portion
of the X-ray, revealed that you've been getting those terrible
headaches because you're partially brain dead.

Would you keep it a secret? Would you tell anyone at work?
Would you inform your relatives? How about your friends?

Okay, would you tell the fellas on your bowling team? How about
the guys you drink with on Saturday night?

How about that sexy little blonde who drops over now and then to use
your copier? (You know, the one you ALWAYS try to help. Don't you
think SHE deserves knowing about your condition?)

Hmmm! Oh, you say it's perosnal and you DON'T think anyone should

But, Stu, you've got to realize you're not exactl.y going crazy,
Actually, I think you're going sane in a crazy world. The image on
your negative may have been very poor, which may explain why there's
no sign of life in that region of your brain.

Personally, based on my experience with petrified brians, I suspect
your rate of cranial decay may not be as bad as you think. Even some
distance down the road, I still think you'll be able to tie your own
shoes, take a bath and even blow a few big bubbles with your wad of

Now let's get back to my answer to the thought-provoking question
you've asked of me?

>What if you are wrong, would you ever . . .


Hey, Stu, where do you think you're going? You CAN'T leave yet.
I still haven't answered your quest . . .

Hey, come back here!

Stu! Hey, Stu!


Grab him! PLEASE! Somebody grab him...

Yea, the one wearing the beanie!
But watch it!. He's nuttier than a fruitcake . . .


Okay, erverybody, give him some air. Let's keep him calm. Somebody
call the blonde who works in his office. WAIT! On second thought,
better call his wife...

,Okay, good! GOOD! Gee thanks, fellas! I think he'll be okay.

Maybe,as a precaution, you'd better stick around until they get here
. .

No, I don't know why he went berserk! Heck, when this posting started,
he really seemed rather sane. Something undoubtedly triggered it.

No, I don't! How am I supposed to know? I just met the man . . .

> (To be continued on Christmas Eve)