Re: Moderated Sci. Newsgroup? THE OLD FARTS CLUB

Ed Conrad (
17 Dec 1996 08:39:54 GMT

Graham Shields <> wrote to, etc.:

> (Ed Conrad) wrote:

>>Science, if you really want to know, was never intended to
>>be stuffy and stagnant. It's supposed to be be exciting, invigorating,
>>laden with controversy and definitely full of pep.
>You are quite right, of course. My old supervisor, Ken Hsu, always says
>that the good scientist is the Don Juan type, picking up one theory
>while abandoning another and bedhopping from the fires to the frying pans
>of furious husbands. Now where does your sticking to the same old
>hypothesis come in? You say one thing but do another entirely.

Graham, I'm NOT Charlie McCarthy so please don't attempt
to put words in my mouth.

I have never once wavered from my statement that not a pindot of
evidence backs up the theory of man's evolution from any inhuman
primate -- and from anything lower than that.

As Stephen Jay Gould said -- or didn't say -- the theory is nothing
more than ``an adult's fairy tale."

Fortunately, the vehicle that has been transporting such a ridiculous
misconception -- a baldface lie -- for so many miles finally has begun
to sputter and soon will run out of gas.