The Bell Curve

Troy Varange (
17 Dec 1996 16:13:26 -0800

> >The race/i.q. part of the Bell Curve has 3 premises:
> > 1). There exists a precise intelectual component that can be
> >measured w/o bias. (It is therefore capable of ranking people
> >in linear order)
> > 2). That component is genetically based and largely immutable
> > 3). It correlates with race.
> >Quite simply, if any of these three premises are flawed, the entire
> >race/i.q. argument falls apart. As the articles cited above demonstrate,
> >all three of these premises are highly suspect and probably entirely
> >invalid.

The book's fourth and deadliest premise:

That the rich are rich because they are genetically superior to
the poor.