Re: Bogart: Haggis crossed the Bering Strait?

Bob Keeter (
17 Dec 1996 05:43:39 GMT wrote:
>On Sat, 14 Dec 1996, Larry Caldwell wrote:
>> Ach, Robbie, the Archaeology of the Haggis being in the sad state that it is,
>Question is, would archaeohaggal analyses fall under the purview of
>faunal analysts? Personally, I think the analysis of archaeohaggises
>should belong to the coprolysts.

Ektually Rebecca, there is a scientifically correct term for the
haggial morphology ranging from the primitive but physiologically
cladian relative, Pizzarchae appiania to the far more sophistocated and
evolved Centrachidae omatica effluvia.

Ah lassie, I do wax poetic! I may jus havta retire for a short
sip o' the highlands best t' truely do justice t' a description o' tha'
phylial relationships here! You have a bonnie day there lassie!

and pass the Haggis and double malt!