Re: a good university for anthropology?

Katherine Clark (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 19:43:17 -0800

Call me an optimist but I must say that I agree with the person
to respond to this message saying that there are jobs out there for
Anthropologists, especially in the Applied Anthropology! You don't have
to travel off to "exotic," foriegn places to "do" anthropology. There is
plenty to do in your country of residence. You just need to know how to
sell your skills. The skills which anthropology uses can be useful for a
variety of tasks and adaptable to many carreers!
Also, it is a good idea to keep in mind how much money you are
spending on schooling! Personally, I believe that id you are spending
thousands of dollars a year to be educated, you should really learn
something you enjoy! If you enjoy it and have a passion for the subject,
you will have a better chance of succeeding and being happy in the future.

Katherine Clark
Western Washington University
Anthropology - Graduate Student