EJ (ej@vortex.is)
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 00:30:43 +0000

Greetings from Iceland

My name is Eir€kur J€nsson (EJ), I'm from Iceland. I am very new at
this newsgroup but I would like to know a few things
Who/What is Ed Conrad? I mean I'm new at this newsgroup thing (just
few days sins I came on the net, I'm figuring this out as I go along)
But I thought anthropology was something relaited to,,,, well how should
I put this.... ANTHROPOLOGY??????
I don't understand!
Would someone (not Ed Conrad) please contact me (not on the newsgroup)
and help my understand this Newsgroup buisness. My adress is

ps. This is my first message on the Internet :)

Eir€kur J€nsson