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14 Dec 1996 16:40:03 GMT

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>>...In pre-technological
>>societies, sex is completely open, and children are not denied their
>>sexual freedom, but are "doing it" to the best of their abilities
>>the gitgo. When life is precarious, pregnancy must take place as
>>as possible. And the entire tribe raises the children.
>This contradicts every single ethnography I have ever read, and
>does not conform to my own limited observations of hunter gatherer
>(there has not been a 'pre technological' human society; we're a
>post-technological species, after all. Tools came before H. sapiens).

>Where in the world did your utopic generalization come from?
>>This is why
>>Mother, for 100,000 years, was the only parent, the Fertility Godess
>>was worshiped universally, and women and men shared power equally.
>Um, see above.

I do not mean to imply that hunter-gatherers lived in some kind of
utopia. What kind of utopia is it when one has to gather food all day,
and doesn't have the benefits of modern medicine and technology. I
don't believe in utopias anyway.
All modern cultures are just that- modern cultures. They did not
exist 12,000 years ago. The study of modern groups gives us limited
information. The study of archaeology also gives us limited evidence.
We do the best we can. And so piecing it all together requires a
knowlege of many disciplines and thinking and imagination.
This particular contribution of mine does sound like a bit of a
ramble, I admit. But it is a serious proposition, and deserves serious
I recommend reading "The Chalice and the Blade" by Riane Eisner.
Some of her conclusions are off, but I think her physical evidence is
sound, and I would appreciate very much a serious critique of that
Gerold Firl wrote some interesting things a while back which I'm
still digesting. Thankyou, Gerold.

Dr. Doug