Re: Ed Conrad??

Noel Dickover (
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 14:15:32 -0500

Emir Mohammed wrote:
> Ok... I have been subscribed to this newsgroup for quite some time and Ed
> *seems* (!!) to be a creationist... answer me a few things Ed...
> -> How does a PERFECTLY benevolent God allow evil in this world?
> -> How can an infinitely perfect being create less than perfect beings
> like us?
> Hell all I'm trying to do here... is attack Creationism from another
> angle... just like you attack evolution (et al.) from certain positions
> like the fossil record... I too am trying to weaken your argumentary
> base...
> Laters,
> Emir Mohammed...
> [P.S. What kind of creationist are you Ed? - fundamentalist Christian...
> what?...]

Gosh, this thread definitely belongs in Please post
follow-ups to Ed's soon-to-come idiot response there.

Not trying to pry, but you have got to be possessed by something to wish
more responses from Ed.

Personally, I will employ the Dogbert approach, and just say "Bah!"


Noel Dickover


"From now on, I will not try to reason with the idiots I encounter.
I will dismiss them by waving my paw and saying `Bah.`"
-- Dogbert