Interdisciplinary Workshops

Eberhard Weber (
15 Dec 1996 00:44:08 -0800


Anthropology, the behavioral sciences,
ethology, archaeology and philosophy.

Perspectives On The Human Entity
Generic Society Modelling

February 10 - March 4, 1997 (1)

organized by

The Standing Conference On Global Systems (SCOGS)


These workshops inaugurate a series of subsequent workshops and lead to
the establishment of a permanent interdisciplinary conference in support
of ongoing research under the themes indicated. The work product shall
become the foundation for an anthropocentric model to guide work in
"Societal Systemics", a potentially new discipline in the social

Societal Systemics is a field of inquiry and development which draws
on a specialized subset of interdisciplinary knowledge bases as well
as focussed research and the development of models and tools in order
to objectify analytical and design processes for societal systems.
Relying upon selected findings and new thought from the referenced
disciplines, casting the foundation for its work depends on the
ability to model the human entity, interpersonal processes and the
critical factors which define elementary societies and their viable

Through iterative refinements to such emerging models, Societal
Systemics may be able to offer new perspectives and a new foundation
for analyzing and developing societal designs, public programs and
policies and to derive criteria of relevance applicable to institutions,
organizations and societies and within the context of a global system.
The rationale which outlines the need for these workshops and for the
aims to be achieved through holding them is best seen in a larger
context which is outlined in the full announcement text (2).

In essence this line of reasoning supports the contention that
practically the entire spectrum of critical issues and problems which
affect our future is driven by strata of underlying causes which
ultimately point to an inadequate understanding of Man and largely
because we, the observers, are members of the species we try to
understand. By developing a new perspective from which to view Man
there are indications that these underlying causes and forces can be
identified and operationally defined. The presumption is that by
successfully addressing underlying causes, entire categories of issues
and problems can be de-energized and rendered more manageable. This
approach is perhaps one of the few unexplored option remaining to us to
avert the dire consequences of continued adherence to traditional
methods for managing the affairs of Man.

The decision to participate in these workshops is most appropriately
based upon understanding that the aims, the format and the process for
these workshops are somewhat non-traditional and formative in nature.
The inaugural workshops in particular as well as several subsequent
workshops therefore call for extra flexibility by participants to accept
new perspectives, paradigms as well as experimental methods to advance
the larger aims of these workshops.

The approach taken by these workshops is consistent with some of the
goals and objectives expressed in the 1995 Long Range Planning Report of
the American Anthropological Association. They are designed to look
beyond the bounds of disciplines and the methodologies they have
traditionally relied upon to build the knowledge base which define the
accomplishments within these disciplines. This announcement, therefore,
addresses itself mainly to scholars and professionals able and willing
to explore new thought at a time where new thought is imperative.

(1) The duration and format of these electronic workshops is designed to
reduce the message volume and the amount of time to participate.

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