Historic Preservation for Blues and Jewish Market

Sun, 15 Dec 1996 01:14:52 -0600

Prevent a world famous national Jewish, African-American,
and Hispanic landmark district from being turned into dust.

Maxwell Street in Chicago was an important welcome mat for all these groups.
Blues musicians from the Mississippi Delta came to Maxwell Street during the
1940s Great Migration and first used electrified instruments there. Out of
this style of Blues, rock and roll got created.

Send a message of concern saying you want a Maxwell Street Historic
Preservation District incorporated into The University of Illinois's
plans for commercial redevelopment of the Maxwell Street area.

SEND TO: Chancellor David Broski, University of Illinois at Chicago,
601 S. Morgan, Chicago, IL 60607 <David.C.Broski@uic.edu> (Phone:
312-413-3350; Fax: 312-413-3393)

For more information see <http://www.openair.org/maxwell/preserve.html>.

Please send us a copy of your Broski message <mar@interaccess.com> so we may
post it on our website.