Re: Who's the expert?

Ed Conrad (
14 Dec 1996 10:56:37 GMT (Jim Foley) wrote:

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>>You see, someone in the news groups quoted him (Stephen Jay Goud)
>> as saying the evolution of man from inhuman primates is nothing more
>>than ``an adult's fairy tale."

>No, someone said that a creationist moron in a letter to the editor had
>said that. He was skeptical, and rightly so. A few people confirmed
>that the quote was not from Gould, but Ed seems to have conveniently
>forgotten that.


Jim, I truly appreciate the correction and clarification about
the eloquent words of Stephen Jay Gould.
Now it is only fitting and proper that I own up and offer a correction
and clarification of my own (as much as I detest eating a slice of
humble pie).

Let it be said, if Stephen Jay Gould didn't say what I said he had
said, because you say he hadn't said it, but that someone else had
said what I said he had said, and since it appears that what I said he
had said erroneously credits him with saying something he never said
-- although I'll just have to take your word that he NEVER said what I
said he had said -- let's just say that I take back what I said he had
said (alught I still think he *REALLY* may have said it).

That said:

Let me say:

Stephen Jay Gould has returned to his previous stature and, once
again in my book, is considered a horse's ass.