Re: The Bell Curve (was: Suppression of Sociobiology)

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13 Dec 1996 17:59:25 -0700

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trevor rigler <> wrote:

>I couldn't really find any political bent from Gould in the book. He seems
>to be more rooted in science than in agendas...

I'm a fan of the book in question (Mismeasure of Man), but to
suggest that Gould won't bend the truth around an ideological bean pole
once in a while is too much. It's probably worth mentioning that his
"re analysis" of Morton's skulls was flawed.

Does anybody still have the ref I posted months ago on the correction
of Gould's errors and the vindication of Morton's measurement accuracy?
(This does not in any way vindicate Morton or other racial typologists'
conclusions about intelligence, by the way; it's just an ironic note that
Gould, in seeking to prove Morton's mismeasure of man, well, mismeasured