Re: The Bell Curve (was: Suppression of Sociobiology)

trevor rigler (
14 Dec 1996 04:04:24 GMT

Bryant ( wrote:
: I'm a fan of the book in question (Mismeasure of Man), but to
: suggest that Gould won't bend the truth around an ideological bean pole
: once in a while is too much. It's probably worth mentioning that his
: "re analysis" of Morton's skulls was flawed.

While I remember thinking, "Go, Gould!" when he discussed re-measuring
Morton's rather nonscientific measurements, I kinda wondered if *I* could
be just as guilty of "cooking the books" either consciously or otherwise
in the interest of proving or disproving something. I was unaware Gould's
remeasurements were flawed. Really, though, it seems a bit dubious to
detail Morton's errors and then go and repeat the measurements. I mean, I
just can't picture Gould saying something to the effect of, "Morton's
shit is wack." and then admitting, "But so is mine." Perhaps it would have
been better to just explain how Morton's measurements were flawed and
maybe give a little insight into his motives.

--- trevor (mediocre middle-class mesocranic moron)

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