Re: The Bell Curve (was: Suppression of Sociobiology)

Gerold Firl (
13 Dec 1996 20:51:57 GMT

In article <58q256$>, (trevor rigler) writes:

|> : Speaking of _The Bell Curve_... :) I'm currently reading it, and I'm
|> : wondering if anyone knows of any good critiques that they could recommend.

I seem to recall a web page maintained by someone in south africa
which collected a large amount of critical commentary, both positive
and negative, about _the bell curve_. Sorry I can't give you any
better lead than that, but a web search should find it.

|> Try _The Mismeasure of Man_ by Stephen Jay Gould.

|> : I'm not looking for 'political' criticisms so much as in-depth analyses of
|> : the book's premises and logic. No polemics either way, please... And
|> : thanks in advance.

|> I couldn't really find any political bent from Gould in the book. He seems
|> to be more rooted in science than in agendas...

That's really funny - gould must surely be the most politicized
"scientist" since lysenko. (Yes, I realize that gould has done some
real science too.)

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