Re: race & anthro and history of both

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Fri, 13 Dec 1996 18:59:20 GMT (Edward Green) wrote:

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>>Franz Boas's semi-serious suggestion that governments encourage
>>"miscegenation" in any way possible as the one way to eliminate the
>>idiocies of racism seems all the more prescient today. He thought that
>>the distinctions were arbitrary and unreal yet harmful, so he suggested
>>rewards for intermarriange between supposed races, adding that if the
>>biological folks were right, this could only result in greater genetic
>>"hybrid vigor," and if not it might at least shut up some of the racists
>>running loose if all their kin were getting social encouragement and tax
>>breaks for "intermarriage"!

The problem is that these folks have spammed the discussion across to
this group and anthro responders should rem. the sci.anthro from their
responses so that these will eventually stick back in alt.politics.
<raving.fanatiks>. If we can get all of folks together and in the
acedemic groups unspam this we might be affective in returning this
topic back to the little hole it crawled out from.