Multivariate analysis service

Richard Wright (
13 Dec 1996 05:30:07 GMT

MV-ARCH has supplied multivariate software to archaeologists
for the last eight years. MV-ARCH now offers you a service
for the multivariate analysis of archaeological data.

Have you longed for a cluster analysis of your pottery
compositional data - but been too busy to learn the
packages? Have you wanted a correspondence analysis of the
frequencies of artefacts at your sites - but been unable to
justify buying a package for this once off job? What about a
seriation of your sites or a principal components analysis
of your projectile measurements?

You send your data in spreadsheet form. MV-ARCH knocks it
into shape, does the analysis, and sends you back camera-
ready dendrograms or scattergrams - with suggestions on how
to interpret the results.

All this for $US95 per analysis for data of up to 100 cases.

For free advice, email with a brief
description of your data and what you want to know about it.
We'll painlessly talk you through to a beautiful outcome!
Richard Wright, MV-ARCH, 72 Campbell St, Balmain, NSW 2041,

Phone and Fax +61 2 9818 1037