ATTENTION: Anyone out there who uses -- or plans to use -- a killfile

Ed Conrad (
12 Dec 1996 17:20:12 GMT

Whew! After what I've just heard, am I ever glad I don't use

The rumor -- from pretty high up -- is that, beginning Jan. 1,
anyone using a killfile will be assessed $17.50 a month.

Even worse, I've been told that a person in a killfile must be
compensated $6.25 per week per news group for causing
``excruciating intellectual pain by such vile and unethical

Just to be on the safe side, I'd like to repost my snail-mail
zip code: 17976.

-- Ed Conrad

P.S. Anyone have any idea which Jaguar dealership in Eastern
Pennsylvania will be the first to receive its shipment of 1997 models?