Re: HOW THE PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT! (perplexing riddle finally explained)

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> "Kerry A. Northrop" writes:
>>On 9 Dec 1996, Ed Conrad wrote:
>>> Jiri:
>>> Tomorrow, if I get time, I will explain in detail just HOW the
>>> pyramids were built.
>>Oooooooo, Ed's gonna tell us how the Pyramids were built. This ought to
>>be good. If this theory is anything like his theories on mans origin I'm
>>gonna be on the floor.....
>What's the mystery? It is all there at Genesis 6:4 if ye will only read.
>The mighty men of old who built the pyramids were the unclean progeny
>of illicit couplings between the daughters of the Earth and the Nephilim.
>That is why the building of the pyramids ceased so abruptly. All the
>Nephilim half-breeds perished in the Great Flood. That is also why it
>is so dangerous for man to be experimenting to find ways of extending
>life and strength by genetic research on people.
>If such research continues, there will be another reckoning!
>The voice of one sobbing in the Wilderness; Matthew 3:3

Great!! Just what we need to spice things up around here ... another
nutter. Just when you think things might be nice and peaceful racists or
the religious right comes over the hill and we have to circle the wagons
once again. Flaming dogmatic arrows of pure idiocy are flung at our
covered wagons trying to burn them down. At first we try to reason with
these crack pots but the smoke gets in our eyes and the arrows singe our
hairs, and we get pissed off. We enough is enough, I say it is time to
rout these heretics and send them back from whence they came. It is time
to take the battle to their home, no longer should we be constantly on the
defensive, the best defence is a good offence. I am making a call to arms
to invade alt.god.fearin'.dorks and all the other sites where this
infestation resides and rout the enemy from their den. We shall pillage,
rape, plunder, and sow salt on their lands so that they will starve and
leave this land called cyberspace once and for all. Some of you may not
come back but it is for the greater good that we undertake this campaign
for freedom.


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