Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Curtis R. Bond (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 11:08:21 -0800

I missed the early part of this thread so excuse me if I am being
redundant. An interesting artical I read awhile back that went through
all the different popular ways of breaking up people in to race. The
final chapter was written from a Biologist/Genetisist point of view of
Human DNA. This argument won't win over any creation believers but the
rest of us who feel safe in the validity of the DNA... From a DNA point
of view there are only like seven human races. Of the seven at least
four are on the African continent and that something like 70-80% of the
world's people are from the same race... This included Europeans, Native
Americans, Aboriginal people, and (if I remember right) the peoples from
Asia. Also great parts of the peoples of Africa were included. So
despite the outward phisical differences of skin, hair, eye/face shape
etc they are all the same from the point of view of DNA. Other words the
way animals and plants are catogorized now the Humans would only have 7
different groups with the majority belonging only to one.

I wish I still had the artical so I could give better quotes/statistics.
This info undermined any racial arguments in my eyes and I still believe
the issue of "race" is a point used by people who do not want to see
others co-exsisting and co-operating to make thier world a better place.
When people are together in brotherhood we have a chance for a future.
Using force (guns, laws, holding property away from people who need it)
to make others do our bidding is, no matter the justification or the
ends, an Evil act that take what good intentions the persons using force
had and makes it worthless. This goes both ways.