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12 Dec 1996 08:03:22 GMT

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>|> >When did man first recognize the correlation between intercourse
>|> >babies being born 3 seasons later?
>|> This is such a heluva good question, it deserves to be public!
>|> take on it is that paternity wasn't known until animal husbandry,
>|> started around 8,000 to 10,000 years ago.
>Could be, although low-intervention reindeer-style husbandry may have
>been in use *much* earlier. Some researchers have suggested that
>gazelles were being managed on the coastal plains of the ice-age
>levant 30,000 years ago.
>Depictions of copulating animals in the cro-magnon cave paintings also
>suggests an earlier comprehension of the connection between sex and

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'Scuse me. . .
But rock paintings showing animals copulating (and having a heluva
great time) doesn't make that connection at all. It merely suggests
that pre-technological humans recognized a good time when they saw it!
Now, if there was a rock painting that showed animals copulating, and
then in the next picture the same species giving birth, wouldn't that
be a HOOT!

Dr. Doug