Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the
12 Dec 96 01:09:19 MET

> that
>>> > >homo-sapians-sapians ever did not eat meat.
>>For those coming in late, this does not refer to poor peasantry, but
> to some
>>(IM-not-at-all-HO) mythical time before we learned to throw rocks. I
> have
>>never heard anything that would indicate that any creature that could
> be
>>called Human was strictly vegatarian.
> Before we learned to hunt we were.Sure this was a long time ago,and we
> all ran around naked,and this is before fire.But it happened.
This is not true, they were not strictly vegies.
Some of our clostest relatives, i.e. chimpanzes & gorillas
certainly do like to eat ants, they specifically use
sticks, put them in ant heaps and pick up ants which
they relish. Ants are as "animal" as cows etc.

So, while before hunting they probably didn't eat
big game, they probably ate what they could get,
i.e. fruits, roots, and small animals, probably also
all kinds of insect magotts, they are still a treat in Africa