Re: HOW THE PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT! (perplexing riddle finally explained)

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Thu, 12 Dec 96 03:38:40 GMT

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>On 9 Dec 1996, Ed Conrad wrote:
>> Jiri:
>> Tomorrow, if I get time, I will explain in detail just HOW the
>> pyramids were built.
>Oooooooo, Ed's gonna tell us how the Pyramids were built. This ought to
>be good. If this theory is anything like his theories on mans origin I'm
>gonna be on the floor.....

What's the mystery? It is all there at Genesis 6:4 if ye will only read.
The mighty men of old who built the pyramids were the unclean progeny
of illicit couplings between the daughters of the Earth and the Nephilim.

That is why the building of the pyramids ceased so abruptly. All the
Nephilim half-breeds perished in the Great Flood. That is also why it
is so dangerous for man to be experimenting to find ways of extending
life and strength by genetic research on people.

If such research continues, there will be another reckoning!

The voice of one sobbing in the Wilderness; Matthew 3:3