Re: Naive question

Ted (
12 Dec 96 12:25:40 GMT

LClack4808 ( wrote:
: The whole history of anthropology has been based on getting the emic view
: of a society--you remember all those introductory courses--or maybe not,
: but all cultures should be viewed from their perspective and not
: ethnocentrically from the outside. Of course, if an etic perspective
: is all that's available we'll take it but it likely only of limited
: credibility. Yeah, I think it was a test too.

Thanks for the reply, but I'd just like to point out a bit of
inconsistency, tongue-in-cheek if I may :) Put simply, as I understand
it, an emic analysis studies a culture from the perspective of a member
of that culture. And, obviously, you support this...

So why do you think I'm asking for a test question, when I've already
stated I'm not even taking a class? Aren't you ascribing what _you_
think is happening to my actions?

Just asking... :)