Re: Intercourse /vs/ Offspring

Richard Ottolini (stgprao@sugarland.unocal.COM)
10 Dec 1996 13:15:30 GMT

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E Douglas Kihn <> wrote:
>Beautiful! (The same thing happened to me once.) In pre-technological
>societies, sex is completely open, and children are not denied their
>sexual freedom, but are "doing it" to the best of their abilities from
>the gitgo. When life is precarious, pregnancy must take place as soon
>as possible. And the entire tribe raises the children. This is why
>Mother, for 100,000 years, was the only parent, the Fertility Godess
>was worshiped universally, and women and men shared power equally.
>This all changed with animal husbandry, agriculture, food surplus, and
>the first division of haves/have nots.

And the Samoans had good laugh in fooling Margret Mead into believing
this crap. The early 20th century Euro-american anthropologists with
their post-Victorian blinders sometimes interpreted too much in other