Ed Conrad (
11 Dec 1996 02:07:27 GMT

Ryan Brown 942-7905 <> wrote:

>If Ed wants to talk, I guess he can talk. But I do believe 15 is quite an
>impressionable age (Looking back, I was quite impressionable at the time).
>Ed's sugary sweet reponse to an honest request from a 15 year old smacked
>of screaming paranoia, as do all his posts. But this post was
>sugar-coated for easy consumption...too easy. Ed rhetoricizes pretty
>well, and I can see he might grab some believers every once in a
>while. So is this dangerous? I reply with a resounding "YES!"

>Constructed worldviews are fine, but Ed's is outstandingly uncritical and
>largely paranoid. Unfortunately, he shows serious interest in propagating
>his worldview, quite readily seized an opportunity when it appeared,
>and shot out a sticky pseudopod to the nearest and easiest target. If
>such blatantly manipulative behavior persists, I say we take action to get
>him removed, somehow, from these groups. We don't need someone with the
>massive authority of "science" posting things like this to high school


First: There is MORE evidence and truth about man's origin and
ancestry on Ted Holden's home page than in all the universities and
museums of the world -- combined!

Second: You're annoyed because a 15-year-old Australian schoolgirl
with an interest in science and history is now aware that everythijng
is certainly not kosher in the scientific discipline of physical
anthropology and its related fields.

She now knows that only deceipt, dishonesty, collusion and conspriacy
has prevented the abolishment and total abandonment
of a Santa Claus fantasy about man's inhuman ancestry.

Yet, despite the total absence of what honest scientists would regard
as scientific evidence, this fictional fable has remained afloat for
many decades, continually poisoning the minds of thousands upon
thousands upon MULTI-thousands of impressionable youth.