Re: Suppression of Sociobiology

omar shafey (
10 Dec 1996 21:02:10 GMT

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> The eugenics movement does not appear to be a viable threat
> anymore - WWII put the quietus to that - is there any more recent
> "sociobiological model" you can cite? The constant harkening to
> turn-of-the-century (and yes, I mean 19th century) social darwinism as
> support for the anti-sociobiology crusade is puzzling to me. Does
> anybody seriously believe that such archaic ethnocentrism might stage
> a comeback in the west? It should be quite clear from an analysis of
> contemporary culture that such fears are unfounded.

Sociobiology is alive, well and as dangerous as ever because it is used to
mask social injustice by attributing social inequality to natural biology.
Note the popularity of the _The Bell Curve_.