Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
9 Dec 1996 20:43:22 GMT

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>> : At this point, I'm thinking that it's only a matter
>> : of time before what's left of Whitaker simply comes
>> : out and identifies propositional logic as some kind
>> : of Judeo-negroid tool of white oppression.
> I do attack everything you worship, don't I?

It's rather a bit of a stretch to believe that your
tiresome repetition of that delusional gumbo of your'n
constitutes an "attack," Bob.

And "worship" is a trifle overdone (surprise, surprise).
I do confess to having a bit of a hangup on both the
notions of evidence and clarity, since I don't make
my way through the world by fantasizing about it as
you seem to wish to do. My other hangup is on being
who you say you are and cultivating that "authenticity"
thing. Something you said a while back got me thinking
about that.

>From Sat Jun 1 06:39:10 PDT 1996
>Message-ID: <4oo50f$>

> There is one thing you said in an earlier note that I would
>like to refute, though I usually don't respong to personal
>attacks. You said I don't have the courage to say what I say
>here in print. Actually I have said it all in print. The only
>exception would be things I can't publish. I have also lied
>about my position in poltical writing a number of times.
>Others would call it stretching the truth, but I consider any
>intentional misstatemetn of fact to be a lie.

So what sorts of things *have* you lied about in print?

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