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>>Democracy is a white thing? Seriously, there are too many countries in
>>the world with oppresive white governments that repress members of their
>>own race. In Argentina, for example, the government had people throwen
>>out of planes back in the 70's, this doesn't seem to democratic to me.
>>look at the repression in Eastern Europe. Or in Europe during World
>>War II. Or in the countries under the colonial legacy all around the
>>All cultures borrown from each other, it's simply the nature of
>>civilizations. And all continetns have had peaks of cilivizartions and
>>decline Africa had Egypt, mali, Songhai, Ghana, Zimbawe, Nubia, and
>>Ethhiopia, all of which were highly advanced. America had the Aztecs,
>>Mayans, Incas, Creek Indians, etc. These civlizations were built when
>>the Celts in britain were living at Savage level.
>>The British have neverdone anything orginal, all thye did was put the
>>ideas of others togehter. They used Arabic numerals, the Roman
>>alphabet, Math, much of which came from ancient Egypt, Greece, the
>>Arabs, and larter the countries of the Meditterean part of Europe. The
>>English weren't even inventive enough to come up with theri own
>>scientific words, they all borrow these from Latin or Greek. And you
>>want to consider yourself the supwerior race, when you've come up with
>>no orgianl ideas, every idea you came up with later was based on the
>>foundations of others!
>>I'd like to see your response to this.
>Every nation on Earth had the same opportunities. Some had the ability
>or advantage to seize an opportunity, others didn't.
>Paul Allen

I guess the one thing we failed at was teaching these damn colonials
to spell properly, we obviously gave them independence too early !