Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Mon, 09 Dec 1996 17:26:13 -0500

Gregory Taylor wrote:
> Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
> >> : At this point, I'm thinking that it's only a matter
> >> : of time before what's left of Whitaker simply comes
> >> : out and identifies propositional logic as some kind
> >> : of Judeo-negroid tool of white oppression.
> >
> > I do attack everything you worship, don't I?
> It's rather a bit of a stretch to believe that your
> tiresome repetition of that delusional gumbo of your'n
> constitutes an "attack," Bob.
> And "worship" is a trifle overdone (surprise, surprise).
> I do confess to having a bit of a hangup on both the
> notions of evidence and clarity, since I don't make
> my way through the world by fantasizing about it as
> you seem to wish to do. My other hangup is on being
> who you say you are and cultivating that "authenticity"
> thing. Something you said a while back got me thinking
> about that.
> >From Sat Jun 1 06:39:10 PDT 1996
> >Message-ID: <4oo50f$>
> > There is one thing you said in an earlier note that I would
> >like to refute, though I usually don't respong to personal
> >attacks. You said I don't have the courage to say what I say
> >here in print. Actually I have said it all in print. The only
> >exception would be things I can't publish. I have also lied
> >about my position in poltical writing a number of times.
> >Others would call it stretching the truth, but I consider any
> >intentional misstatemetn of fact to be a lie.
> So what sorts of things *have* you lied about in print?

Certainly I can understand taht, being a Poltiically Correct clone, you
assume that everybody lies in print. To you, it just a question of
lying for "a good cause".
You wouldn't understand this, of course, but there is a big difference
between an unintended mistake and a lie. This will seem a mere quibble
to you, but it's very important to me: I have made lots of mistakes in
ny writings, but I've never lied in anything I've published.
Can you see the diffference?

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