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>julia <> wrote to alt.archaeology:
>>Greetings and Salutations!
>> My name is Julia and I love history. I am 15, and plan to do a PhD
>>in History at the Australian National University, might as well learn a
>>little now!! Just thought I'd introduce myself...
>>Smile everyone
>>Julia :)
>Goodness gracious, Julia, what a pretty smile!
>Welcome aboard!
>My name is Ed Conrad and I, too, have a fascination for history --
>really, really OLD history.

This is true. He is concerned with history so old it never even existed.

>their Godless position and shoot me down, they've gone
>bananas in their criticism of my discoveries.

His discoveries are bsed not in acientific evidence but religious dogma.

>They can get pretty nasty, too. I've been called a moron, a loon, an
>imbicile -- and much, much worse.

This is true.

>They're demanding evidence -- a bushel basketful-- even though they
>themselves are fully aware that their adamant stance concerning man's
>evolution from the insectivore lacks a single shred of undisputed

Evidence is always disputed if it is faulty. It may have been recovered
incorrectly, or assesed wrongly and it is up to the scientific community
to point this out. Ed's "evidence" is worthless as are the theories that
he bases on then.
Evidence to support our point of view is much stronger. Although Ed will
try to say that neither of us can claim to 'know' absolutely there is more
evidence to support our model than his.

>I tell them that and they get angrier and angrier, but not one of them
>has put their cards (their evidence) on the table.
>They can't do it because it simply doesn't exist.

Julia, unlike Ed, I'm sure that you will actually take the time to look up
the evidence that has been found and presented in any of the current
literature (try the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, it is one
of the more available and popular journals.)

>The saddest part of this story, Julia, is that the scientific
>community -- eager to protect its erroneous theory -- has resorted to
>deceipt, dishonesty, collusion and conspiracy in an effort to deny my
>discoveries and my evidence.
>Sadly, some of them actually have tampered with the results of the

Well this is where we see Ed in his true colours as a paranoid loon.
(there I said it)

>Finally, Julia -- over there in Australia -- I'd like to leave you
>with a very brief synopsis of what's been going on over here.

Well he has given a sort of a run down of what has been happening in
sci.anthropology but don't fall for his honeyed words and sincere tone it
is a trap, one that you had best avoid.

There are a lot of bright people in sci.anthropology and I think that you
could learn much from them but beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.