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Mon, 9 Dec 1996 00:21:06 GMT

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> Try New Directions in Psych Anth; Cambridge Press; by Schwartz, White, and
> Lutz. Also the work of Arthur Kleinman.

This is a good suggestion indeed, but pretty much at a post-grad level.
See Philip Bock's book (now in a third edition, don't know what it's
called any more), see as well Spindler's "The Making of Psychological
Anthropology", for a classic see Erik Erikson's Childhood and Society,
take a look also at the new book by Bradd Shore, Oxford University Press.
Bourgignon I believe has a textbook in psychological anthro. though
probably quite dated. I think there is a second volume of "The Making of
Psychological Anthro." co-edited with Marcello Suarez Orozco. In addition
to all this I would familiarize myself with the work of Herdt. Also see
recent stuff on cognition--Jean Lave, Roy D'Andrade, Hutchins, etc.
Jay Bernstein