Longfellow Institute

Michael Soto (msoto@fas.harvard.edu)
8 Dec 1996 08:31:41 GMT

THE LONGFELLOW INSTITUTE FELLOWSHIPS: The Institute announces its ongoing
seminar on "Languages of What is Now the United States" with new
short-term and long-term fellowships. They include:

A) A full-time residential postdoctoral fellowship, with the possibility
of teaching a course (next deadline January 17, 1997);

B) Dissertation-writing grants (next deadline March 1, 1997);

C) Research support for graduate students and scholars (next deadline
March 1, 1997);

D) Short-term travel grants for visiting scholars from abroad (next
deadlines January 17 and March 1, 1997).

The seminar is designed to stimulate scholarly work on texts that were
written or published in what is now the U. S. in any language other than
English. Scholars and students working in this area are invited to submit
an application form (indicating language expertise and past experience,
brief project description, and two recommendations) in three copies to:

The Longfellow Institute
Department of English and American Literature and Language
Harvard University
Warren House
11 Prescott Street
Cambridge MA 02138 USA
fax: 617-496- 8737; phone: 617-496-9400.

There is also a web page at http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~lowinus from which
application forms and further information can be downloaded, and an e-mail
address to which correspondence may be directed: lowinus@fas.harvard.edu.

Applicants are encouraged to include relevant offprints, publications, and
manuscripts, and bibliographies. Materials are reviewed periodically, and
all full applications received by the deadline will be considered.