New Native Organization
Sat, 07 Dec 1996 21:23:50 -0500

Aboriginal Foster Famiy Association of Montreal

Mission Statement:

To serve Aboriginal people by developing and promoting an Aboriginal
holistic service that would enhance the overall quality
of life and well being for children and their families when they are in
difficulty. This program would ensure the caring and
healing of our children and families in the Montreal Aboriginal


A service model that is culturally based, respecting the holistic
values of Aboriginal people,
the extended family, and the right to self determination, in all
aspects of life.

Creation and maintenance of a culturally appropriate agency of
service for Aboriginal individuals and families.

Evolution of an integrated network of effective programs and
positive relationships between agencies, for a more
caring and sensitive support service enviornment.

Guaranteed delivery of culturally relevant support services and
resources for child and family care, healing and

Roles and Responsibilities:

To sensitize Aboriginal people to the acute need for Aboriginal
foster homes.

To promote a recruitment process which will enhance commitment
from the Aboriginal community to foster
Aboriginal children.

To act as resource and avocate, and to mediate between Aboriginal
people and existing agencies.

The Aboriginal Foster Family Association of Montreal would like to
provide the following services:
Casework, which would include counselling, information, referral, family
mediation, advocacy, one to one interventions,
support to families within the youth protection jurisdiction.

A Customary Care Program for a child that needs to be living away from
their family. The worker would stay within the
extended family, a relative, or the Aboriginal community at large.

This group of volunteers have been working steadily since October 1995,
and in order for this group to attain these goals we
require a few necessities. If anyone is able to assist us with any
donations, we would be eternally grateful and be able to
furnish tax deductible receipts upon request.

Basic office supplies ( staples, pens, etc,) stationary ( paper,
envelopes, etc.),and equipment such as computers,
printers, fax, photocopiers, etc.

1000 of our pamphlets printed.

Basic phone service along with answering machine.

The costs to cover incorporation, etc.

Please help us to grow and develop into a healthy and distinct body
representing the Urban Aboriginal Community.

Thank You, Meegwetch, Nia:wen, Nakomie, etc.

Please send donations or write us at:

P.O. Box 446
Kahnawake, Quebec (Canada)
J0L 1B0