Re: JUST LIKE HUMPTY DUMPTY ... fearing a great fall

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6 Dec 1996 15:33:28 -0800

In article <580v1u$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
>>George P Hrynewich <> wrote
>>A few days ago I posted an actual palaeontological question. I asked for
>>information on Procolophons and Rauisuchids. This is to thank those of
>>you who took the time to answer my queries. It is nice to see that not
>>everybody here is too busy calling each other names, and slandering
>>establishment etc. to help someone out.
>>I must say that it does bother me to see so many people being so petty.
>>There are a lot of people posting to this newsgroup, who ought to be on
>>Rikki Lake or Geraldo. If you wish to plaster someone with colourful
>>monikers, then please do so via private e-mail. State your views once or
>>twice, take your flak, cut your losses ( or enjoy your gains) and then
>>stop, until either you can provide NEW, USEFUL information on your
>>subject, or you wish to express another view.
>>Please, please stop peppering the majority of us with the same inane,
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>By George, you're right!
>I keep putting out NEW, USEFUL information about my discovery of
>petrified human, hominid and animal bones; human, hominid and animal

It's only useful to you. You an intellectual masturbator?

Seek professional help, Ed.
Your wasting your life away, and the bacteria within you don't appreciate
it. ;)

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