HEY, ED: `Try to describe your world to me so I can understand you'

Ed Conrad (edconrad@prolog.net)
6 Dec 1996 14:27:51 GMT

> hegeman@wchat.on.ca (Toby Cockcroft) wrote to sci.anthropology:

>In article <585fem$5i4@news.ptd.net>, edconrad@prolog.net (Ed Conrad) wrote:

>>The only thing I can't guarantee is that you'll be forced to sit down
>>and read each and every one of my sacrastic postings in your worst
>>nightmare, causing you to wake up screaming and in a cold sweat.


>It will be a cold day in hell when I lose sleep over a waste of flesh like
>you. I honestly don't understand how you think. What was it in your life
>that traumatised you to such an extent that you would end up as the fucked
>up stain that you are. Try to describe your world to me so that I can
>understand you, I really want to know. Perhaps if you had some sort of a
>pathetic childhood I could understand and pity you but for now I simply
>think you are ignorant.


>>> Hey, Toby:
>>> I'll describe my world to you, then you can perform an evaluation.
>>> I see a beautiful green planet; blue oceans filled with fish; fields
>>> filled with songbirds; kids laughing; butterflies flying; children's eyes
>>> all aglow at getting a first glance at what Santa brought them.

>>> I see all sorts of wonderful, wonderful things that make life truly
>>> worth living -- like gorgeous blue skies and fluffy white clouds
>>> and a temperature around 70 degrees.

>>> But I also see the utter deterioration and eventual destruction
>>> of society; crime running rampant; a drug problem that no serious
>>> effort is being made to control; teenagers in deep trouble because
>>> of a lack of discipline; dishonesty and corruption on almost every
>>> level; persecution of the middle class because corrupt politicians
>>> have sold America (its factories and decent-paying jobs) down
>>> the river; the incredible greed of the filty rich who want SIX Cadillacs
>>> in their driveway, not just five.

>>> A Bible-thumper I'm not -- I think you have to agree -- but, for the situation
>>> to be put in reverse, there must be a return to some sort of godfearing
>>> values (notice I left off the capital G). Otherwise, our future is very,
>>> very bleak.

>>>The bad new is that, when the CRASH comes, we'll all suffer.
>>>The good news (if there is any) is that the filty-rich manipulators of society
>>> -- and those who prosituted themselves to let it happen -- will suffer
>>> just as well.

>>> They don't seem to understand, when that happens, they'll have
>>> to pay a very high price, too. They'll learn quickly enough that
>>> their money won't even be fit for Monopoly.

>>> My description of the Good Earth! We have serious problems (which
>>> must be corrected). Nevertheless, it is still a wonderful, wonderful place!

>>> Sadly, too many folks won't realize how wonderful it really is
>>> until, without corrective measures being taken to straighten us out,
>> we find ourselves at the precipice of self-destruction.