Re: Way to eliminate nutcases from newsfeed

Ed Conrad (
6 Dec 1996 11:07:24 GMT (Toby Cockcroft) wrote:

>In article <583um0$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:

>>Hey, Dickover:
>>Something tells me you're scared of the truth by playing ostrich and
>>burying your head in the sand.
>>Does Truth frighten you THAT much?
>>Obviously, some other close-minded ``ostriches" will follow your
>>advice and, personally, I couldn't care less.
>>But I assure you there are countless others out there who ARE
>>open-minded and have long felt that the scientific establishment
>>certainly has not been honest and forthright in dealing with the
>>question of man's origin and ancestry.
>>And I think they're rather pleased that they're finally tuned to the
>>right channel where I'm calling a spade a spade..

>Hey Ed.

>The only reason that people have resorted to kill files is because of your
>mindless drivel.

>You don't like the results so you claim that the scientific community isn't
>being forthright and honest . . . what a load of bullshit that is . . .
>The truth has never frightened us and the only person who is close minded
>here is yourself.
>The TRUTH is on our side while you have been stuck in Lamarkian science
>others have progressed and made new discoveries and new inquiries to the
>origins of humans and human nature.

Hey, Toby:

There is absolutely *NO* scientific evidence of ANY kind == not one
soliltary shred == to back up the scientific establishment's
contention that man evolved from the cat-size, monkey-like insectivore
of 60-65 million years ago.

There is *NO* evidence whatsoever that man had an inhuman ancestor.

Meanwhile, the discovery of petrified human bones and petrified soft
organs in strata muti-multi-millions of years older reflects the
absurdity of clinging to a theory that isn't really worth the time of

The anthropological community, most certainly, has *NOT*
dealt with the issue of human ancesry and origin and continues
to be scared shoutless.

Your obvious fear of the truth -- and your desire to shield yourself
from creeping up on you -- is clearly evident with the installation of
your killfile and your recent habit of wearing earmuffs and
rose-colored glasses..

At least you deserve credit for following some real good advice.

As Harry Truman once said:

> ``If you can't stand the heat,
> stay the hell out of the kitchen."