Bob Keeter (
6 Dec 1996 06:27:56 GMT

Bill Burnett <> wrote:
>Bob Keeter <> wrote:
>>If you want something REALLY tasty sounding, check out the fine old
>>Scottish recipe for "haggis"! Now THAT will leave your lunch on your
>>keyboard! 8-)))
>Ah yes, heart and lungs, fat, cereal and part of an animals gut.
>Delish. Well, it can be. :-)
>Seriously though, if that bothers you, don't ever eat another processed
>meat product. At least you know what's in a haggis. All the same stuff
>and goodness knows what else is in that fine old American recipe for "hot
>Take me out to the ball game, hoo haa. (Yep, balls are in there too...)

Ah, 'tis good to see that Bonny Prince Charlie still has some strong
arms to come to the defense of the Highlands! 8-)

What you say is true about the "hotdog"! But with the hotdog everything
is pureed to the point that you do not have to know what is in it (unless
you happen to have an imagination!) Cover it all up with some relish,
grated cheese, and a little saurkraut and you're in heaven!

Reminds me of an old saying (that has absolutely nothing to do with
archeology or anthropology).

Those who like sausage and respect the law
should never see either being made!