Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Toby Cockcroft (
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 02:45:42 -0400

In article <>, wrote:

> This would never occur to a Poltically Correct clone, but the way we
>separate races is to allow us to do our own separating.

What the fuck do you mean by this? What sort of bullshit double speak are
you using now Bob. The way we separate is so that we can separate ....

>Let us have our
>white community, and you can have your mixed community.

What do you mean by mixed? Similarly what do you mean by white? Please
be more precise in your definitions.

> Your answer is, no way, Jose. You know exactly what would happen to
>your "there are no races" crap out in the real world.

Peace ... now wouldn't that be just horrible.

> The fact is that the entire PC proggram is for racial balance in ALL
>white majority countries, and ONLY in white majority countries.

Could you please provide some examples please. And back this up with
empirical evidence and not simply your insane ravings.

<blah...blah...blah some lunatic ravings about a PC (whatever that is,
usually not Bob) plot to destroy white communites>

Your mindless drivel still amuses me Bob. You are so blinded by your
hatred that you have ceased to function as a rational thinking human. You
see races and conspiracies where there are none. You think that all
others are blind except for you. Wake up and smell the coffee Bob, your
time has passed society has entered into a new enlightenment and left
morons like you behind. You rave with conviction and passion but your
words have no substance and are based in ignorance and fear. Xenophobic
fear and fear of change. Your mission isn't to preserve white culture it
is to deny others. You make yourself up like some sort of martyr
sacrificing yourself for a greater good. You aren't a hero Bob, your a
fool. You aren't about preservation but opression and violence.

> As a result, the invariable result of Politically Correct policy, from
>busing to the
>Berlin Wall, is always a major effort at blocking any escape attempt.

I like this gibberish about the Berlin Wall being politically correct. By
your standards it was the PC who tore down the wall put up by racist
facists like yourself. It is people like you who put walls up and shoot
people who try to cross them. You set your compounds on fire and feed
poison to your desciples rather than let the outside in. And the rest of
humanity that you have shut outside of your walls goes on and tries to
make a better world where people don't need to hide behind walls. We call
across the wall and sometiems they come down but often they don't. The
walls that don't drop become a blight, a cancer to all the effort decent
people have put into making a difference. Like any cancer it must be
cured. We try our best but sometimes these cancers just burn themselves
up and people end up getting hurt. Walls are ignorance, blindness and

When are your walls going to come crumbling down around your feet? It may
not happen today, or tomorrow but it will happen because there is simply
no room left for people like you in todays world.

> I'll keep repeating this until all you clones hear it.

I'll keep repeating this until you hear it.