Ed Conrad (
5 Dec 1996 02:28:06 GMT (dlharm1) wrote (to and

>Mr. Conrad has some deep-seated problem. He ignores evidence and thrives
>on being insulted. Please help deprive him of this pleasure. PLEASE LEAVE
>of s.b.p is now devoted to discussing this loon's trolls.
>Thank you,
Simply remove your rose-colored glasses, then maybe you'd
realize that you -- not I -- have the ``deep-seated problem.''

That's because it's quite obvious YOU lack the levelheadedness
and openmindedness necessary to cope with the POSSIBILITY
that new discoveries, based on facts and evidence, will replace a
factless featherbrain theory.

Unfortunately, you have a problem even dealing with the prospect
that I JUST MIGHT be right.

Meanwhile, if you possess the credentials of a scientist supposedly
obligated to pursue honest answers to legitimate questions about man's
role in the earth's prehistory, you're a SORRY excuse.

It's downright pitiful that you would stoop so low to boldy request
that loyal readers of be denied a ringside seat
to on-going developments in the most-heated scientific controversy
that the Internet -- A Forum for Truth -- probably will ever see.

Meanwhile, may I simply ask where you learned such propoganda tactics
because they certainly remind me, to a certain degree, of the early
days of Nazi Germany when brown-shirted Gestapo so willingly
surrendered their brains, personal integrity and common sense to
follow The Yellow Brick Road to unmentionable brutality against their
fellow man.

The unfortunate part about your Hitleresque decree is that some
deadheads undoubtedly will obey your instructions, which is
understandable because some folks are naive and some are just
downright stupid.

But many with intelligence, common sense, intestinal fortitude and a
degree of fairness will decide for themselves whether SBP'ers should
be keep abreast of ALL the on-going developments -- pro and con -- in
what shapes up as the most-heated scientific controversy the Internet
will ever see.

Ed Conrad

P.S.: You stand corrected in accusing me of ignoring evidence. Your
fictious, falsified theory totally lacks undeniable evidence,
therefore cannot be ignored because it simply doesn't exist.

And you and your howler colleagues know it!

Meanwhile, the factual evidence, which translates into a most
serious threat to permanently dismantling and disposing
of a false doctrine is there for all to see at