Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Wed, 04 Dec 1996 21:01:11 -0500

> > (4) who knows how many in Africa, and that doesn't include the ten >
> million or so that were transported involuntarily to the Americas,
> I have to keep reminding clones of their own party line. The
> line now is that there were 200 million Africans transported,a dn that
> sharks are still in the lane of the slave traffic from the days they
> lived on slaves. That is quoted from the House floor, stated by a black
> congressman on C-Span. The senior senator from Hawaii, an
> anti-white of Japanese descent, stated that there were 50 million people
> in the present continental US when the white man arrived and wiped them
> out. Please do your own homework on your own line.
> Ooo, this is such a precious Bob Whitakerism I can't resist.
> The earlier poster said 10 million Africans transported to the Americas.
> Bob Whitaker says, hey, someone else once said 200 million. Since you're
> both clones, and all clones must always agree, you have screwed up.
> Please join the party line. It doesn't cross his little mind that the
> world is not divided between pro and anti Bob factions.
> Even when clones disagree, you see, it is only because they are ignorant
> of the Politically Correct Anti-White Party Line according to the Bob Bible.
> So I can say "Hey Bob, I don't believe in killing people."
> And he can respond: "Yes you do! Because Stalin believed in killing people
> therefore you, another clone, obviously believe in the same!"
> Awesome logic. No matter what your opponants say, you know what they are
> really saying and so can refute them. You gotta admire the psycho.
> Oh, and if it matters, I think the 10 million figure is the generally
> accepted one for the African slave trade. Most of those went to South
> America and the Carribean (In the latter region, the European slave
> traders carried out the odd ethnic cleansing solution of replacing one
> non-white population (local Indians) with another (Afriacn slaves).)
> Carl Skutsch

Funny, I never heard any of your cohorts disagreeing with the balck
congressman publicly.
It's only when you're called on your silly-ass stuff that you say,
"Well of course it's nonsense".
Those who remember this newsgroup before I came on will know what I
mean, though your fellow clones won't admit it. Almost every single
thing you said was a vicious attack on the white race, without the
quotation marks you now use all the time.
Each time anything good was said about the white race, you each and
every one invariably referred to it as the "white" race. When you said
something nasty about whites, which was most of hte times, the quotes
came off.
You've backed off all that crap because you got called on it, and only
because you got called on it. I am sure that, outside this newsgroup
where you WILL get called on it, you keep up the same old practices.