Re: Yumpin' Yiminy! Conrad and Holden are taking over!

Ed Conrad (
4 Dec 1996 14:04:40 GMT (bruce thompson) wrote

> I've had my monitor in the shop for a month. I come back, and sbp is
>two-thirds EC and TH! All I want for Christmas is a moderated paleo

If you had any sense of decency, what you'd REALLY want for Christmas
is for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have a better
approximation of the truth of man's origin and far-remote ancestry, so
they eventually realize that they -- and all of us -- are something
very, very special.

I think we've been burdened long enough -- what, a hundred years? --
with a myth about our inhuman origin and the erroneous precept of
``Survival of the Fittest."

WHAT a Christmas present they'll receive when I am proven correct in
accusing establishment science with deceipt, dishonesty, corruption
and collusion in denying my arsenal of evidence confirming that man
had existed in almost his present form while coal was being formed.

Maybe then, when we KNOW we're not really part of the ``animal
kingdom," some honesty and decency will return to our troubled world.