Re: JUST LIKE HUMPTY DUMPTY ... fearing a great fall

Ed Conrad (
4 Dec 1996 13:20:16 GMT

"Matthew Priestley" <> wrote
(to, etc.).:

>Ed Conrad <> schrieb im Beitrag

>> I could simply tell them that many people are annoyed and angry
>> because, just like Humpty Dumpty, they're scared they'll have
>> a great fall.

>When are you going to provide this full skeleton photo? I've looked over
>your web site and seen a great deal that's interesting but also a great
>deal that looks like lumps of rock. More revealing photos would help us
>enormously in our crusade to belittle you and hide the truth.

Just checking to see if you want the photo to include ALL of the
petrified soft organs as well.
If so, I may disappoint you because I only have a
a petrified gall bladder (with gallstone), a petrified lung, a pair of
petrified testacles an only one hemisphere of a petrified brain.

-- Ed Conrad

P.S. Why is it, Matt, that the ``bigwigs'' can find a SINGLE bone --
non-petrified and in strata with serious questions about geological
dating (certainly not the etched-in-stone Golden-Rule-of-Geology
dating of anthracite) -- and you're perfectly contented to gobble up
their ``wish-list" of everything they so proudly claim about it?