Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Ron Kephart (
3 Dec 1996 19:41:52 GMT

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
> How many people have died for you leftists' ideal world?

For the record, probably nowhere near as many as have died for the
free-market capitalists' ideal world. For starters, you have

(1) around 90% of the indigenous population of the Americas.

(2) ditto for the indigenous Australian population.

(3) who knows how many in the Pacific, Asia, etc.

(4) who knows how many in Africa, and that doesn't include the ten
million or so that were transported involuntarily to the Americas,
where their unpaid labor in the production of sugar and other market
commodities (much more crucial to the global economy then than now)
fueled the rise of global capitalism and the Industrial Revolution,
which the Europeans and their descendants so love to take credit for.

(5) and, just to be fair, not a few Europeans.

If anybody can realistically add these numbers up, it would be
interesting to hear about it. And by the way, I am not (necessarily)
passing judgement here; just calling attention to the facts. It would
also be interesting to compare this figure with a figure for
casualties caused by leftists trying to construct their ideal world.
Equally interesting would be a comparison with both Christianity and
Islam, although, for Christianity at least it might not always be
possible to separate religions from economic agendas (and vice versa).

Ron Kephart
Unversity of North Florida